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Achieving exceptional results by building high performance teams where people thrive.


Leverage an approach that has been proven by elite Special Forces teams but has universal applicability.




Combat is an extreme case study in leadership - it teaches vital lessons in teamwork, resiliency and organizational success.  The Tier 1 Option provides a presentation, at your site, about how Special Forces teams succeed in the crucible of combat. This presentation emphasizes the importance of developing positive environments, obtaining feedback, building trust, and maximizing organizational effectiveness by empowering others. These lessons are practical, useable, and transferable to any work environment. This session is a 45-minute interactive presentation followed by 30-45 minutes of discussion.

Tier 2 delivers one-on-one coaching to individual leaders within your organization. Leaders can often feel like Atlas carrying the world on their shoulders, and this personalized coaching provides a venue for collaborative problem solving, a method for stimulating new ideas, and a process for developing and expanding leadership approaches.



The Tier 3 option provides 8 one-hour classes on building elite teams with individual coaching for each participant. The classes include fundamentals of leadership, communication, servant leadership, developing others, and team building. The individual coaching reinforces lessons from class and assists with real world application while providing a venue for collaborative problem solving.

This option will take your people away from your offices for team building, culture development, and/or problem solving. It is tailored to meet your specific requirements.



This option offers a tailored approach to strengthening teams, maximizing performance, and increasing growth by focusing on organizational culture and the development of a positive work environment. Tier 5 begins with an assessment that consists of a survey, engagement across the organization, and Jay's attendance at key meetings. Tier 5 includes a Tier 1 presentation, weekly collaborative discussions with your CEO, and, based on the initial assessment, support with implementing

recommendations. These improvements may vary with regard to cultural change, leadership development, process improvement, conflict resolution and/or organizational change, and the average duration for this option is 3 months.


Develop an empowering organizational culture that leverages collaborative work and maximizes each employee’s input so the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

  • Reduced turnover – cost of replacing an employee ranges from 1.5 – 2x annual salary

  • Increased engagement – highly engaged teams are 21% more profitable

  • Increased innovation – there is a direct relationship between engagement and innovation

  • Improved problem solving – benefit from diverse thought

  • Increase revenue – visionary companies outperform the general stock market by 12x

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Meet Colonel (Retired) Jay Powers

Jay has 30 years of deliberate leadership development that includes 21 years of wartime service in Special Forces.  During combat deployments he refined a leadership approach that emphasizes the value of people and harnesses their potential by creating environments where they thrive.   His approach succeeded in the high stress, high risk environment of combat, and it applies equally well to business because it focuses on the philosophy that people are the true key to organizational success.

Emphasizing the importance of investing in people

Jay graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science and was commissioned as an Infantry Officer.  After graduating Ranger School and serving at the 101st Airborne Division in several small unit leadership positions, Jay attended Special Forces Assessment and Selection followed by the Special Forces Qualification Course and Arabic Language School.  


These rigorous programs seek out and develop individuals able to work in teams, solve complex problems, and communicate cross culturally - all while maintaining resiliency under extreme stress.  


As a Special Forces officer, Jay spent most of his time assigned to 5th Special Forces Group which is focused on working with international partners in the Middle East.  There he served in every echelon of leadership from commanding a 12-Soldier “A” Detachment, to a 450 Soldier battalion, and eventually commanding the entire 2,500 Soldier group.  Throughout his career, Jay deployed to the Middle East ten times, including nine combat rotations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. 


Each deployment required Jay to:

  • Develop strategy

  • Build a cohesive team

  • Sell his plan to superiors

  • Guide the development of subordinate plans

  • Supervise implementation

  • Coordinate with stakeholders

  • Manage risk

  • Rapidly adjust to change in high-risk environments.

Between deployments, Jay led the development and execution of training plans and coached subordinate leaders to prepare them for future deployments.  He implemented processes to encourage innovation resulting in increased efficiency and the acquisition of new technological advancements.   

Jay worked in 13 different Middle Eastern countries where he leveraged his Arabic skills and cultural awareness to build relationships and to solve problems collaboratively.  As a leader, Jay achieved results in the most demanding circumstances by building high performance teams and creating positive cultures. 

Jay now lives in Tampa, Florida where he teaches leadership in the University of South Florida Office of Corporate Education, serves as a volunteer coach for the University of Tampa business school, and is the head coach for the Plant High School Wrestling Team.



Tampa, Florida    (270)-305-9617

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